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Hospitality Consultants, Inc. Services


  • Real Estate Brokerage, Site Selection and Consulting.

  • State Court Receivership/Federal Bankruptcy Court Trusteeship and Custodian Services.

  • Legal, Litigation Support and Expert Witness Testimony in Real Estate, Hotel, Restaurant Appraisal, Valuation, Condemnation, Eminent Domain, Operations, Management & Brokerage Matters in County, State and Federal Court. 

  • Sales, Marketing and Financial Budgeting, Analysis, Planning, Reporting and Accounting services.

  • Valuation, feasibility, expert witness and consulting services.

  • Quality Assurance Programs.

  • Web Site Design and Maintenance.

  • Review of Tax Assessments, Accounting Systems, Insurance Coverage, Financing Options.

  • Design, Purchasing and Maintenance Consultation.

  • Food, Beverage & Catering Planning.

  • Executive Management Staffing.

  • Commercial and Residential Title Insurance, Escrow and Closing Services through HOSPITALITY TITLE SERVICES, LLC.

To foster long-term partnerships with our clients by exceeding expectations with fundamentally sound advice and performance, acting in their best interests with a polished, professional and ethical team.  


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